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Learn the truth about Scentura Creations and don't let false information cheat you out of your opportunity.

January 2013


Unfortunately, there is an abundance of negativity and false information circulating the internet regarding Scentura Creations.

This negative press is based mostly on people's misunderstanding of the Scentura opportunity.

This site was developed to help you understand The Truth about Scentura Creations.

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Scentura Creations is a manufacturer and supplier of rendition fragrances. They distribute their product line to Independent Wholesale Business owners throughout the U.S.

They're unique in that they provide merchandise without any capital outlay to these Independent Wholesale Distributors , meaning they don't pay Scentura until after they've sold the merchandise.

This is key because it removes a huge barrier of entry into business… Inventory costs.

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Scentura Creations doesn't ask you to invest any money, it's not a franchise, it's not a pyramid or multi-level marketing business, there's nothing to purchase, there are no sign-up fees. You own your own business.

The only thing required from you is your time and hard work.

How many companies out there are willing to offer that?

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