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What is the catch to the Scentura Creations opportunity?


When you think about what Scentura Creations is offering, it can sound a little crazy... "Who would offer me a chance to run my own business without any previous background, education, experience, or capital investment?"

Simple. It's a Win-Win scenario for everyone. You get a chance to own your own business, and Scentura gains a new customer, which means more volume. If Scentura only dealt with individuals who had hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, they'd be waiting a long time, especially in this economy. So they're willing to take all the financial risk.

Scentura Creations' founder, Larry Hahn, started the company based on the idea that average people are talented, they just need a chance. This philosophy is the foundation of the Scentura Creations opportunity.

This is key because it removes a major barrier that the average person encounters when going into business for themselves... Inventory costs. Scentura Creations has created a way for the average person to open their own business using a proven business model, with no capital investment.

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